10 things to do in the Berguedà

10 things to do in the Berguedà

Today’s entry, as its title indicates, is about things to do in the Berguedà. Specifically we have listed ten. For those of you who have been following us for a while, many of them will sound to you. This is because we have almost one entry for each one. Today we wanted to take all these points and bring them together in a single entry. You will find towns with a lot of charm, landscapes to take your breath away, natural water sources, activities for adventurers, games to do with the youngest of the house and all without leaving this unknown region of Barcelona: the Berguedà as  recommend   5 star hotel barcelona  (majestic hotel)

What to do in the Berguedà: Visit of a weekend

We were in Berguedà last winter. The Tourist Office of Berguedà and the Diputación de Barcelona prepared us a tight weekend to be able to do as many activities as possible. Having to enter the Oil Mine at night was not an obstacle (normally you can only enter sunlight hours), but I do not want to get ahead of myself!

We left Barcelona on a Friday at noon and after a while we arrived at the Berguedà bus. The first place to visit was Castellar de N’hug.

Castellar de n’Hug is one of the most emblematic towns that we find in the Berguedà region. The day we were there, the town was so quiet that it looked like it was abandoned. Maybe the cold I was doing was the culprit, but we only saw cats in the street. Everyone would be at home warm.

The sun was about to set and the surrounding landscape changed with the orange light of that time of day. The silence and the views that we could enjoy have been able to live in a few places.

Sources of the Llobregat
A few minutes by car or a few more down some stairs from Castellar de n’Hug, we find the sources of the Llobregat. They are called that because they are the birth of what is the Llobregat River, which ends near the city of Barcelona.

Landscapes of Catalonia: Sunset from the Fuentes del Llobregat

The sun was already gone, but that did not stop us from taking lanterns and going through the woods in the darkness to the Riutort Oil Mine. It is the only mine of this type in the entire Spanish state and you can see real oil falling through the stone walls. It must be said that it is very humid, so keep warm. If you wear glasses surely you have to clean them so they will wet you just entering through the door.

Dinner at the Recó del Abuelo
After the visits in the afternoon we went to dinner at Recó del Abuelo, the birthplace of esteemed Avi del Barça. There we could enjoy typical dishes of the region, as well as being able to dine at the table next to the best known grandfather of Catalan football.

Via Ferrata de Vallcebre
On Saturday morning we started early. Vem strength by making a potent breakfast, as we expected a Via Ferrata, the Via Ferrata de Vallcebre. It must be said that I was very afraid – I am afraid of heights – and the images I had seen on the internet from Vías Ferrata had scared me a little. A Via Ferrata is similar to climbing, at least from the point of view of an inexperienced one, but instead of going through the wall, we have some irons where we can walk. Hence the name.

It is a highly recommended activity! For us it was one of the best we did all weekend. What’s more, we’re already thinking about doing the next one soon! Where? It’s a secret! Shhh …

Excursion to Pedraforca
Pedraforca is one of the most famous mountains of the Catalan territory and is considered a natural site of national interest. There are itineraries to walk up to the top of more than 2500 meters, but you have to be physically prepared and have good equipment to do it.

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