Botanical Garden of Barcelona

Why is it worth visiting the Botanical Garden of Barcelona?

Botanical Garden of Barcelona

Of all the natural corners of the Ciudad Condal (which are not few), the Botanical Garden of Barcelona shines with special intensity. Despite its scarce trajectory in comparison with its European counterparts, this garden has been little more than a decade to become a reference in the Catalan community. If you want to discover all that this place can offer to nature lovers, the following lines will not disappoint you. Are you going to lose them?

The Botanical Garden of Barcelona is a space located in the Carrer Doctor i Font Quer, next to the Palau de Sant Jordi. Big and small can see with their own eyes some of the great wonders of the plant world, like the ancient Wollemia from Australia or the tall Sequoias of Canada. It can be visited every day of the week, between 10 am and 5 pm-7pm, for a minimum price (3.50 euros in general, except for the reduced entry, of 1.70 euros).

As with the Botanische Garten Bonn in Germany or the Orto Botanico di Padova in Italy, this botanical garden has a very special mission: the preservation of species and knowledge related to the plant world, as well as encouraging the research of new species, as well as as of the existing ones, a good part of which is in danger of extinction. So, when we go to this garden, we are not only giving ourselves a spectacle for the sight, but we also actively contribute to the conservation of the plant world.

Now, the great ‘treasure’ of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona are its plant collections: no less than 1,350 specimens belonging to the five continents, which can be seen in all its splendor. Firstly, those of the western Mediterranean stand out, where those relating to chaparral and island environments stand out, such as the Canary Islands. The erythrinas, acacias and gazanias coming from the African continent will not stop surprising us either. If what we want is to explore the Australian flora, there is nothing like going to the area inhabited by eucalyptus, banksias and grevillae. Now, the ‘jewel’ of the crown is the aforementioned example of Wollemia, a very rare plant, considered one of the oldest on Planet Earth.

But this botanical garden also has species native to South America. Good examples are the puyas, cactus and other similar plants in Chile. From California, meanwhile, we can find many species: from the famous redwoods, to cypresses, pines, oaks, yuccas and agaves.

Another of the great attractions of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona are the activities, games and workshops that parents and children can do, all designed to encourage learning and exploration of nature. To make matters worse, the ‘kids’ have an exclusive space, the Nest of Science, specially designed for children from 0 to 6 years can start in botany, biology and mineralogy, through animal samples , rocks, plants and trees, that will help you feel close to the natural world. These and other activities can be enjoyed until the age of 14, for only 1 euro. A trifle considering the quality of this experience.

What is the story behind the Botanical Garden of Barcelona?
Since its opening on April 18, 1999, the Botanical Garden of Barcelona has left none of its visitors indifferent. However, the origins of the ‘original’ garden, so to speak, go back to the beginning of the 20th century. It would be Doctor Pius Font i Quer who, around 1930, would create a space dedicated to flora in Montjuic Park. Later, Barcelona City Council would turn this project into the fantastic botanical garden that we know and admire today. And so it is one of the favorite attractions of national and international tourists.

Additionally, we will point out that this space is kept under the umbrella of the IBB (Institut Botànic de Barcelona), dedicated to the dissemination and research of botany in this city. Finally, it is worth remembering that the Botanical Garden of Barcelona also accumulates a huge fame in the 2.0 world. And is that the prestigious traveler community, Tripadvisor, awarded in 2015 a certificate of excellence for their hospitality, based on the positive ratings of its users. And it is that we are facing one of those points of interest that can not be missing in any tourist itinerary in Barcelona that boasts.

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