Sports on the beach of Barcelona

Sports on the beach of Barcelona

Whether alone, in a couple or in a group, following the instructions of a monitor or
of free form to the way of each the city offers an infinity of
possibilities for numerous sports on the beach of Barcelona.

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Running can be an ideal activity to perform individually along the
maritime front of the city. What better way to do sports than with a pleasant
walk along the coastline, near the beaches and enjoying the maritime landscape and the
soft breeze

If you are tired of swimming in your neighborhood pool or swimming club and you are left
short, swimming in open water can be a good possibility to cover a
greater extension with each stroke. Always extreme precautions at first
morning hour it will not cost you to find some adventurer getting into the
waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The gym routine can be monotonous and boring, so on the beaches of the
Barceloneta, Nova Icaria and Nova Mar Bella a series of circuits has been enabled
sports You can perform a variety of exercises enjoying the outdoors and the
sun of the Barcelonian coast.

sports on the beach in Barcelona

Sports on the beach of Barcelona as a couple
Frisbee or Frescobol
The beaches of the city offer us a perfect place to roast in the sun, but also
they can be an ideal place to perform easy and enjoyable sports. The typical Frisbee
(disco) or Frescobol (classic game of paddles) can be a good option.

Sports on the beach of Barcelona in group
Beach volleyball
A sport that can be practiced on almost all beaches with a small group of
people or joining groups that organize parties certain days of the week.

Beach Soccer
If you are one of those football fans, you would live in the Camp Nou, and you can not get away from it or being on the beach,
You can practice it on Bogatell beach, since several goals have been installed
so you can enjoy your passion for the ball.

Another possibility that mixes these two disciplines is the futvoley for those who are
more skilled with the feet than with the hands.

Sports on the beach for the most demanding
If you prefer to choose to practice sport in a monitored way on the beaches of the city
there are classes of quieter activities such as yoga, pilates, tai chi. Another option is
get close to the many nautical schools where you can paddle surf, surf or go out
to sail on a sailboat

For those who need a dose of adrenaline in a more playful way
such as wakeboarding (water skiing), parasailing (parasailing) or flyboard (table
aeorodeslizadora) can satisfy your adventure needs

If on the other hand you are the last in sports that come from other parts of the world
You can practice them in Barcelona’s beaches. Examples of these sports are the
Bossaball (combines the voleyball with trampolines), Bubble Soccer (a form
fun to play soccer) or the Ta-Ka-Tá (mix of tennis and volleyball that is played with the

sports on the beach in Barcelona

The possibilities for sports on the beaches of Barcelona are endless, from
quiet activities and alone until more moviditas and in group. For all the
likes the beaches of Barcelona are the perfect place to do sport in the city.

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