10 reasons why Barcelona is the city of perfect tourism

why Barcelona is the city of perfect tourism

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When we think about the perfect city in terms of the tourism sector, Barcelona stands out above the others. But why? To attract tourists from all countries of the world, we have to have a series of attributes that complement each other and that can conquer the hearts of people of all ethnicities, cultures and preferences. In short, a city that offers so much diversity of services that can adapt to the tastes of anyone.

Barcelona is …as say luxury hotel barcelona

… A Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city
The climate, diet and character of Barcelona is felt in its environment. The sun and pleasant temperatures, both in summer and in winter, fill the tourist’s experience with the desire to move around and investigate every corner of the city.

… A place to lick your fingers
The gastronomy of Barcelona helps to see the city with a full stomach. Des de tapas and the “pa amb tomàquet” even the best paellas complement the long history of Catalan cuisine.

… The capital of modernism
The Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, The Casa Amatller, The Casa Batlló … When you walk around the city it is as if you were walking through an open-air museum. Let yourself be conquered by all the masterpieces full of color, history and magic in the streets of modernist Barcelona.

… Test bench of avant-garde artists
Miró, Dalí, Tàpies, Gaudí, Picasso and many others decided to leave their mark on the city. The creative talent deposited by these artists in Barcelona is reflected in design buildings, art exhibitions and in the most unexpected corners of the city.

… A city with a history of more than 2,000 years
This allows you to see the city from different temporal points of view. You can transport yourself years ago by touring its old town or traveling to the future the futuristic architecture of the Agbar Tower. And, do not forget the more than 100 natural spaces such as the Parc Güell or the Parc de la Ciutadella.

… A point of cultural union
Barcelona’s multiculturalism, mixed with its own strong culture, enriches the city’s air. With the same people, traditions, variety of types of food and tourists, a special blend is created that can be seen in few places in the world.

… A city with beach and mountains
The best thing about Barcelona is that, both the beach and the mountains, are less than an hour from downtown. The city is the perfect size for tourists, it is neither small nor very large, which allows you, if you intend, to see it entirely. You can sunbathe in the morning and be in the Tibidabo amusement park in the afternoon.

… Queen of the movement
Barcelona’s public transport covers the entire map of the city. There are night buses, metro 24 hours on weekends and it is never difficult to find a taxi.

The offer of Barcelona in culture is endless. Theaters, museums, music of all types and in all places, dance, literature and much more offer for culture lovers. This multitude of proposals allow you to create experiences that you remember the rest of your life and for all tastes. In addition to the best music festivals in Europe, such as Sonar, Primavera Sound or Cruïlla.

… A sports city
For those who are not interested in anything of the exposed in the nine previous points, there is another reason why Barcelona triumphs; the sport. In the city, the Conde Godó de Tenis Trophy, the F1 Championships, horse riding, sailing and, of course, the headquarters of the Barcelona Football Club, the team that has taken the name of Barcelona all over the world.

With this list of strengths of the city you can see the diversity of offers that makes Barcelona the perfect city of tourism. A city where you can experience urban tourism par excellence.

In addition, however different our tastes may be when it comes to sightseeing, we will find what we like. In addition, the charm of Barcelona has a very strong power of magnetization that, although it may seem like an oppressive city for some, it is impossible not to miss it when you leave.




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