Advantages of hiking trails with dogs

Advantages of hiking trails with dogs in barcelona

By taking long walks regularly with our dogs and in the company of other people with their pets, they can enjoy the physical and mental exercise that is very difficult to achieve in a city as cosmopolitan as Barcelona.

If we take our dogs for walks on routes that are designed for them to enjoy without strong levels of difficulty, then we will be giving them more life time, physical and mental health, so in short, they can be healthier and happier pets .


What you must keep in mind
– Duration and physical condition of the animal: Before making any hiking route with your dog, it is necessary to take into account the physical condition of your pet, as well as the duration of the route and the route of the same.

– Plan the route beforehand: It is very important to properly plan each route and know which roads are going to be taken to avoid getting lost or that we are trapped by the weather conditions that occur while you make the route. It is important that you are prepared in case there is a chance of rain.

– Terrain conditions: Before choosing any route, find out about the current conditions of the terrain, for example if it is too steep the dog will not be able to do it, however there are also some rubber boots specially designed for the canines that besides protecting their paws they protect them in case they fall, because those boots are able to adhere to the ground and prevent a slip because of water, ice or stones.

– Rivers, streams etc …: You must take into account if you are going through difficult places to cross for them, such as rivers, all these things must be foreseen before starting any route so you do not take any surprise.

– Carry an emergency kit: In case of an emergency, it is also very useful to have a small emergency kit. Dogs can be very sensitive and suffer from cuts due to the conditions of the grounds, so it is better to be prepared.

– Bring water: Do not forget to bring a good amount of water for both you and the animal, so prevent dehydration during the journey, you can also make sure that the route has drinking water points, you can not forget to bring some food in case it is a long route.

Routes to do with dogs
Llac petit de Terrassa
Font de les dous
Marsh of Santa Fe
Route by Vallvidriera


Llac petit de Terrassa
Llac petit de Terrassa

The times we have gone has always been full of dogs playing in the water. It really seems that the lake is made for them.

In Castilian it translates Small Lake, is a small swamp that is to the outskirts of Terrassa, more or less to half an hour of the city of Barcelona. This is a place full of nature near the city where you can enjoy big with dogs, which can swim quietly or sniff in the pine forest. This is a very short route from the parking place so it is ideal if your dog is not used to exercise, it is a good way to start. Many people do not go to this place, although you can always find an occasional family with children and people who go fishing there.

Our user Dreyt tells us “Good morning, I told you that in activities to do in BCN, away from routes with dogs, the first leaves Llac Petit Terrassa, was to see if you could remove it or alert that there are catfish in that lake and that all person who bathes, runs a danger … a bitch of a friend was dragged by one this summer … a greeting ”

How to get?

Address with Google Maps

Font de les dous
Font de les dous

By Torrelles de Foix the Riera de Pontons passes where there is a place that remains around the stream, which the inhabitants of the place arrange for everyone to enjoy the good conditions of this beautiful place. In Font de les Dous there are 35 water spouts, a beautiful area for camping, barbecues, pools and waterfalls that make it a perfect place to enjoy big.

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